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IP3 Training Credits

Invest Now, Learn Later!

IP3 Training Credits are the best way to ensure your training budget goes the distance.

Use Training Credits to:

Plan Ahead

Make forecasting easier and more consistent by establishing a bank of credits that can be drawn upon ‘as needed’ over 24 months. 

Save Time

Pay once for your whole team and avoid the procurement and approval process for each participant, course or service.

Streamline Purchasing

Establish a simplified approval process for all of your training needs.

Optimize Budgets

Extend end-of-year training budgets into future years.

How it Works

Purchase IP3 Training Credits at the rate of $1 U.S. per training credit in any amount.

Apply training credits toward any IP3 course or learning service.

Use IP3 Training Credits anytime over 24 months from date of issuance.

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