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Learning With IP3

At IP3, we know from experience that learning is so much more than viewing a presentation, reading materials, or taking a test. It’s a full immersion in dynamic and engaging experience through interacting with our industry expert instructors and with other students who share your personal, professional, and community goals. 

Our team of learning developers and designers collaborate with our industry experts to build and deliver immersive training using real-world simulations and relevant case studies, ensuring that the content produces measurable results for our students and our customers.

Learning Theory

At Tetra Tech, we are Leading With Science®. For IP3, learning is our science. 

Our classroom and online courses are built completely in-house. Through our established learning design process, we construct innovative, immersive, and adaptable learning experiences guided by top subject matter experts to meet our customers’ needs.

We Listen:  Our courses are continuously evolving, with new curricula produced through feedback from our students and the insights of our industry-leading consultants.

We Lead: By engaging with active practitioners and consultants, we bring the latest and best practices, knowledge, and insights forward for our customers.

We Create: IP3’s dedicated team of course architects and designers uses industry-leading practices in adult education to create immersive, engaging, and practical courses that lead to meaningful results.

We Collaborate: IP3’s goal is simple: our students’ success. We provide continuing education through top-rated programs that enable a culture of lifelong learning long after a single course has ended—celebrating and supporting successful outcomes of our alumni while helping them overcome new challenges.

Learning Services