OR-353 Regulating Quality of Service: Planning, Compliance Monitoring & Enforcement - Part B (April 27-May 15, 2020)

Course Offering:

Dates: April 27-May 15, 2020

Location: Online

Tuition: $2,500

Code: 4208-OL

CEUs: 3.0



This course is intended to give regulatory authorities the practical tools for constructing a Quality of Service Program for regulated utilities.

Quality of Service Programs involve a combination of establishing indicators, setting standards for each indicator and imposing consequences for meeting, not meeting, or exceeding the standards. This course describes the various instruments that can be used to put a Quality of Service program into effect. These can range from a Performance Agreement between the utility and the regulator to provisions contained in a license to operate, or via a regulatory order. The course also explores various means of rate setting.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify various types of Quality of Service Programs that can be constructed
  • Discuss the instruments that can be used to put these programs into force
  • Explain the linkage between Quality of Service and Rates
  • Describe the trade-offs between quality of service and access to service
  • Assess how the regulator can monitor, enforce and incentivize the achievement of standards
  • Create consumer outreach and communication programs to improve feedback capabilities
  • Develop an Action Plan to create a Quality of Service program