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OR-354 Utility Management Best Practices - Part A (April 6-24, 2020)

Course Offering:

Dates: April 6-24, 2020

Location: Online

Tuition: $2,500

Code: 4207-OL

CEUs: 3.0



For developing economies, adequate utility services continue to be a key factor in the pace of economic growth.

To ensure delivery of these services now and in the future, countries require eff ective techniques to manage their business operations, including interaction with regulatory authorities.

This course reviews current topics in management that are of direct relevance towards the eff iciency of utilities. We aim to off er participants a set of tools, techniques, and models to manage both private-owned and state-owned utilities. Participants acquire the conceptual basis and skills to work within economically regulated environments, understanding current hot topics like:

  • The main price/tariff setting techniques;
  • How to promote innovation and utilities eff iciency?
  • How to ensure the best quality of the service delivered?

Through presentations, case studies, and on-site meetings with local utilities, participants gain knowledge and skills that are used to develop action plans for utility management in their own countries.


Learning Outcomes:

By successfully completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Examine latest trends, successes, and failures in utility management
  • Compare standards of various utilities with world renowned utilities across the world
  • Classify utility business interests within a regulatory environment
  • Understand the diff erent models to analyze and propose rates for utilities
  • Design a Utility Management Action Plan