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F-204 Climate Finance, Climate Change Resilience and Application to PPP Projects (June 8-19, 2020)

Course Offering:

Dates: June 8–19 2020

Location: Washington, DC

Tuition: $5,500

Code: 5307-WA

CEUs: 6.0




This course focuses on the strong convergence growing between Climate Change and Public-Private Partnerships to deliver public infrastructure and services. It does so by analyzing the application into PPPs of the latest instruments coping with challenges posed by climate change from two perspectives:

  • Climate Finance
  • Climate Resilence

Most scientifi c evidence points out the eff ects human activity has in destabilizing the climate (a trend that has been accelerating in the past decades) and is having pernicious impacts from weather unpredictability, extreme temperatures, ocean warming and acidifi cation, rising sea levels, floods, and extended droughts. These impacts pose an acute threat to public infrastructure and the services they provide, and thus to the quality of life of most countries.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the relationship between the challenges posed by climate change, the instruments utilized to cope with them, and PPP policy framework programs and projects.
  • Identify how diff erent countries manage climate change
  • Summarize how climate fi nance mechanisms tap into alternative sources of financing for PPP projects
  • Evaluate the tools embedded in PPP infrastructure projects to ensure resilience to climate change-related risks
  • Justify the capacity of PPP projects to address climate change problems