F-205 Monte Carlo Simulation for Risk Analysis & Project Finance (July 13–24, 2020)

Course Offering:

Dates: July 13–24, 2020

Location: Washington, DC

Tuition: $5,500

Code: 5309-WA

CEUs: 6.0




This course aims to strengthen analyst’s capability to carry out an accurate Risk Analysis & Project Finance evaluation using the Monte Carlo Method. The literature shows that the Monte Carlo Method can eff ectively evaluate the investment risk of PPP projects and help investors make correct decisions.

The objective of the course is to provide the participant knowledge about the key issues to conduct the Monte Carlo Simulation for Risk Analysis and Project Finance that enable participants to carry out multiple tests, define potential investment results, calculate risk in different stages of the infrastructure project, and to quantify the Value for Money.

Participants will achieve this by allocating probability distributions and assumption variables to predict and understand risk exposures and how to mitigate them. Participants will also become aware of risk standards according to the policies of other countries.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Create simulation models in Microsoft Excel and perform simulations with Oracle Crystal Ball®.
  • Improve management uncertainty to increase competitiveness, reduce costs, and increase efficiency and profitability.
  • Apply a Monte Carlo Simulation model using Oracle Crystal Ball®.
  • Project forecasts based on historical records.
  • Export results and data to other applications to prepare reports or presentations
  • Generate statistical reports, scenarios, sensitivity, eventual or random events
  • Perform statistical analysis of risks and business finances