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Value-for-Money Analysis: Interpretation and Application

Location: Online Learning
Tuition: $1,000
CEUs: 1.0

Course Description

The World Bank describes value for money (VfM) as “the effective, efficient, and economical use of resources, which requires the evaluation of relevant costs and benefits, along with an assessment of risks, and of non-price attributes and/or life cycle costs, as appropriate.”

In this course, participants will explore internationally accepted VfM methodology and its application in various types of public-private partnerships. In addition, participants will examine the limitations of VfM methodology and recognize where the VfM analysis fits within the project life cycle.

Through interactive webinars, collaboration, virtual discussion, and self-paced learning, participants will gain knowledge and skills to understand the features of VfM analyses and how they ensure a project’s return on investment.

Learning Outcomes

Through successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the international standard (the UK Model) of VfM to comply with government statutes requiring VfM analysis
  • Using case studies, compare how the international standard has been adapted in other countries
  • Plan your VfM analysis at the proper stages of the PPP life cycle
  • Explain the limitations and criticisms of VfM methodology
  • Integrate both quantitative and qualitative criteria into VfM analysis
  • Review a real-life VfM analysis and make recommendations

Who Will Benefit

  • Staff from national, provincial, federal, state, and municipal governments
  • Members of planning organizations and boards
  • Regulators and authorities for infrastructure utilities and public services
  • Legal, financial, construction and engineering professionals
  • Staff of international donor organizations

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