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Public-Private Partnership Controls, Corruption, Conflicts, and Arbitration

CEUs: 6.0

Course Description

In today’s business and political environment, developing a well-structured PPP contract can be a challenge. Many PPP projects run into problems and even fail due to a lack of knowledge and advance thinking about the potential pitfalls, renegotiation opportunities, and anti-corruption practices.

This course discusses how to avoid the common pitfalls in the selection of candidate PPP projects, i.e., structuring the project; designing, managing, and adjudicating the contract; managing and implementing the project; and identifying the drivers of renegotiation. The course focuses on how to address corruption and dissuade its use, and how to resolve conflicts and renegotiate contracts. This course provides a platform for learning that will significantly increase the chances for success of PPP programs.

The PPP Controls, Corruption, Conflicts, and Arbitration course examines several real case studies where these problems existed and emphasizes how those situations could have been avoided with a well-designed contract, proper oversight, and appropriate controls.

Learning Outcomes

Through successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe a process for choosing PPP candidate projects that can help avoid future pitfalls
  • Describe how to avoid the common pitfalls in structuring PPP projects by properly designing and adjudicating the contract
  • Evaluate key contract clauses to determine the best fit for the project
  • Understand best practices for conflict resolution
  • Design a process for project management and implementation that can help avoid future contractual issues
  • Identify areas of potential corruption and develop methods to discourage its use
  • Identify the drivers of renegotiation and how to provide a platform to discourage and address contract renegotiation
  • Employ corruption and control practices and evaluate contract modifications
  • Recognize new trends and innovations in PPP programs and projects

Who Will Benefit

  • National, regional and local government officials
  • Contract officers/regulatory commissioners
  • Senior officials from PPP or privatization units
  • Public service, utility managers, executives, and legal experts
  • Staff of bilateral and multilateral international organizations
  • Legal offices that structure/evaluate PPP contracts

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