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Contract Management for Infrastructure

Location: Online Learning
Tuition: $1,000
CEUs: 1.0

Course Description

P-14 Contract Management for Infrastructure explores the government and private sector’s interrelationship in managing PPP contracts and the multiplicity of parties and contracts involved in PPP transactions.

Participants will address demand and pricing issues and identify key concepts that should be discussed in PPP contracts to facilitate government management. Participants will gain insight into evaluating the types of government officials involved in PPP projects and the appointment of management teams through the PPP lifecycle.

Through live webinar presentations with Q&A, virtual discussions, and self-paced learning, participants will gain knowledge and skills that will enable them to begin their PPP journey within their organization.

Learning Outcomes

Through successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate the consequences impacts of multiplicity of private sector contracts
  • Understand how the government and the private sector manage third parties involved in the construction and operation of the infrastructure involved in the PPP transaction
  • Conduct performance monitoring obligations undertaken by both the private sector and the government in connection with PPP transactions
  • Evaluate key economic and technical issues to be included in a PPP contract to facilitate monitoring of governmental and private sector performance of the PPP contract
  • Evaluate types of governmental entities and management teams that should be involved in the PPP contract through its lifecycle from procurement through termination of the PPP contract
  • Determine the interaction of Management Teams through the PPP lifecycle
  • Identify options to be addressed in dealing with future events and disputes relating to PPP contracts procurement team

Who Will Benefit

This course is ideal for anyone seeking to better understand the “what” and “why” of utilizing PPPs:

  • Staff from federal, state, county and municipal governments
  • Members of planning organizations and boards
  • Regulators and authorities for infrastructure utilities and public services
  • Professionals from financial institutions
  • Staff of international donor organizations

This course is part of the PPP Strategies, Methods, and Project Structuring Program of online learning.

Comprised of six online courses, this program is an introduction to the theory and practice involved in public-private partnership (PPP) procurement, project design, and implementation. This suite provides a fundamental framework for executing PPP projects and is required for more advanced training in this field.

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