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Applying Your Public-Private Partnership Skills

Location: Online Learning
Tuition: $1,000
CEUs: 1.0

Course Description

As the capstone course* for the online PPP Strategies, Methods, and Project Structuring Program, participants will learn how to combine the new skills and knowledge they have gained in each of the previous P-series courses (P-10, P-11, P-12, P-13, and P-14) and apply them to a practical, real-world PPP project action plan.

Using real-world case studies, participants will carry out crucial steps in the PPP project management cycle. Understanding the PPP framework requirements, the participants will select an appropriate PPP project based on evaluation criteria; plan and review PPP feasibility analyses; identify, analyze, and allocate PPP risks; and plan and manage PPP performance monitoring and contract management functions.

Following this course, participants will understand the PPP project management cycle holistically, how each of the key phases and tasks inter-relate, and will be able to manage the practical, real-world challenges, requirements, and constraints to planning and implementing PPP projects.

*Students must pass P-10, P-11, P-12, P-13, and P-14 prior to participating in this course.

Learning Outcomes

Through successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate the practical requirements of the existing PPP framework for project selection, management, approval, and completion
  • Apply appropriate PPP project screening criteria and select a candidate PPP project for implementation
  • Plan out the key practical steps, resources needed, and decisions to be made to complete a PPP feasibility study, including overseeing PPP specialist consultants
  • Identify, analyze, and allocate PPP risks for developing a bankable and affordable PPP project business case
  • Develop a PPP tendering and procurement plan
  • Oversee and support the processes and negotiations for PPP projects to reach both commercial and financial closure
  • Develop practical plans for managing the PPP contract and monitoring performance

Who Will Benefit

This course is ideal for anyone seeking to better understand the “what” and “why” of utilizing PPPs:

  • Staff from federal, state, county and municipal governments
  • Members of planning organizations and boards
  • Regulators and authorities for infrastructure utilities and public services
  • Professionals from financial institutions
  • Staff of international donor organizations

This course is part of the PPP Strategies, Methods, and Project Structuring Program of online learning.

Comprised of six online courses, this program is an introduction to the theory and practice involved in public-private partnership (PPP) procurement, project design, and implementation. This suite provides a fundamental framework for executing PPP projects and is required for more advanced training in this field.

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