Certified Public-Private Partnership Specialist

IP3’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Certified Specialist Program was developed to establish standards of knowledge, understanding, and skills development in the PPP field that are highly-valued by governments, private sector firms, financial institutions, and other relevant stakeholders.

We aim to foster worldwide excellence in the design, financing, procurement, implementation, and monitoring of PPP programs through standards that are widely recognized and consistently applied. We do this by successfully identifying, defining, documenting, and championing industry-accepted best practice approaches to PPP project development and transfer this knowledge participants through education and training.

An IP3 PPP Specialist certification validates a breadth of knowledge acquired through immersive training in PPP project structure.

Specialists will acquire skills including:

  • Developing PPP policy and institutional framework 
  • Identifying, screening, and selecting projects
  • Analyzing project feasibility (technical, economic, tariff, and project financing)
  • Structuring project finance and risk allocation strategies
  • Preparing transaction bids and tenders
  • Utilizing negotiation skills 
  • Evaluating, negotiating, and awarding project bids
  • Monitoring performance, contract compliance, and dispute resolution
  • Raising public awareness and consulting with stakeholders

Upcoming Public-Private Partnership Courses