Certified Project Finance Specialist

IP3’s Project Finance Certified Specialist Program is designed to provide a critical core body of knowledge and skills in project finance and financial modeling. 

An IP3 Project Finance Specialist Certification validates a breadth of knowledge acquired through immersive training in financial modeling and contractual structuring.

Specialists will develop skills including:

  • Developing an effective feasibility study screening processes based on financial data analysis
  • Identifying and allocating the various risks associated with each project to the appropriate stakeholder
  • Constructing and creating financing models that calculate value-for-money (VfM) and public sector comparator (PSC) benchmarks, and that evaluate feasibility assumptions and net present values (NPV)
  • Preparing sensitivity analyses to stress test the project’s cash flows, projected internal rate of return (IRR), and debt service coverage ratios (DSCR)
  • Assessing the underlying economic and financial assumptions contained in the financial models developed by the private sector 
  • Identifying and understanding sources of finance, including both equity and debt
  • Communicating and discussing findings with stakeholders

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