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IP3 Specialist Certifications

An IP3 Specialist Certification instills confidence in the recipient’s understanding of—and ability to apply real-world solutions to—an organization’s most critical challenges.

Certification signifies a commitment to the enhancement of not only job-related skills for professional career advancement, but also to the enrichment of global and comprehensive knowledge in the recipient’s field of study.

Each globally recognized certification program is structured following standards established by the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

How to Become a Certified Specialist

Complete 24 CEUs from approved IP3 courses in one of our three fields of study.

Demonstrate your comprehension through the completion of a final exam.

What are the Benefits of an IP3 Specialist Certification?

  • Bring best practices and an understanding of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), Project Finance, or Regulation and Utility Management to your organization
  • Establish a benchmark of knowledge that employers can rely on for goal accomplishment
  • Contribute to your organization’s and community’s growth and advancement
  • Advance your skills and create a positive impact within your current role
  • Become more marketable and mobile
  • Generate added opportunities for professional growth
  • Demonstrate your global and comprehensive skills

IP3 offers three professional certification programs for qualified individuals: