Bringing Public-Private Partnership Training to East Africa's Energy Leaders - The Institute for Public-Private Partnerships® a Tetra Tech Company

Bringing Public-Private Partnership Training to East Africa’s Energy Leaders

In May 2019, the East Africa Energy Team of the World Bank hired The Institute for Public-Private Partnerships® to implement two one-week PPP Fundamentals for Energy Projects courses in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Fifty-six participants from ten African countries, including the Ethiopia Ministry of Finance, joined our exceptional instructors and staff at the Hilton Addis Ababa for intense PPP training.

The project’s scope was threefold:

  1. Preparation of an “executive” briefing: Delivered during a two-hour session, the briefing outlined (1) basic concepts related to PPPs; (2) the critical factors and options that should be taken into account when considering PPPs, including regional power pooling, preparation and implementation cycle of PPPs, and the role of the government in it; and (3) the essential skills and competencies necessary for PPPs.
  2. Development of briefing material and the delivery of a five-day workshop: The workshop was provided for the senior management of agencies/departments to provide a strategic understanding of PPPs in the power sector. The workshop consisted of all key aspects of PPPs, including (1) when they should be considered, (2) understanding PPPs in the context of regional power pooling, (3) the different types and their associated advantages and challenges, and (4) their preparation and implementation cycle (including financial structuring, legal and commercial considerations, government support obligations involved).
  3. Delivery of two five-day training programs: The programs provided foundational skills on PPPs in the power sector for technical and operational staff of ministries and agencies to prepare and implement the PPPs.
  • Two in-person courses
  • Courses covered funamentals of public-private partnerships
  • 56 officials from 10 east African countries trained
  • More than 1,600 student learning hours completed