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Meet the Team

Marc Shaffer

Director, IP3

Mr. Shaffer holds over 20 years of experience in instructional systems design, where he has created and managed skill-development programs to many adult education standards. He has designed and deployed e-learning, instructor-led, virtual, and blended training programs in multiple industries. His experience includes the design and development of learning curriculums for a broad range of audiences, from highly technical to soft skills, and has worked with a wide range of course-authoring software tools. Mr. Shaffer has an MA in instructional systems design from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and holds an active project management certification.

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Marianna Buchalla Pacca

Business Development

Marianna is a PPP Specialist with experience in knowledge, capacity-building, and policy advisory for PPP projects. Prior to joining IP3, she worked several years at the World Bank Group coordinating the development and delivery of the APMG PPP Certification Program (CP3P), being responsible for the review of course material, and for supervising training in all three levels of certification. Her experience also includes the assessment of countries’ PPP readiness and project pipeline, and the pre-feasibility efforts for infrastructure projects in different sectors. Mrs. Buchalla Pacca holds an MA in Latin American Studies from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service.

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Sonya Bancroft

Training Coordinator

Sonya Bancroft is the Training Coordinator for IP3 with experience in all aspects of training from development to delivery. Prior to working in training, Sonya was in the United States Air Force where she worked in various roles in support of maintenance teams. Mrs. Bancroft specializes in facilitation, preparation, and documentation of training. As a member of the IP3 team, Sonya works with all team members to ensure an effortless and fulfilling training experience for all customers.

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Ashlyn Frassinelli

Marketing Specialist

Ashlyn is IP3’s Marketing Specialist. Before joining IP3, she served as a marketing writer in the tech industry. Her skill sets include copyediting, email marketing, and SEO-driven content creation. Ms. Frassinelli received her BA in Journalism from George Washington University and her MA in Gastronomy from Boston University.

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Timothy D. Craggette

Instructional Designer

Timothy D. Craggette is an experienced educator with over 15 years in education, corporate, and government training. As a federal employee in the capacity of an Information Technology Trainer, he has worked with such agencies as DOE (Education), DOE (Energy), FDA, HHS, and NIH. Some of his skill sets include pedagogical-based learning, in-real-life and physical learning game design, ADDIE instructional design, e-learning course authorship and development, government and corporate training, and online and offline training and development. Mr. Craggette has taught and trained students of all ages both stateside and worldwide. He holds a BS in Audio Production and an MA in Public Relations from Full Sail University, as well as an MA in Education, Media Design, and Technology from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.

Coralyn Loomis

Instructional Designer

Coralyn has fifteen years of experience in informational design, communications, and emerging technologies. She is experienced in research and learning product development that incorporates discovery learning theory, asynchronous and synchronous learning development, emerging technologies such as Mixed Reality, and multimedia design. Prior to joining the IP3 team, she worked in Tetra Tech’s Solid Waste Solutions unit for eight years, gaining significant experience and industry insight into the environmental engineering and sciences sectors. She holds an MA in Learning and Emerging Technologies from the State University of New York, with an additional graduate certificate in STEM Education and Learning Technologies.