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The SADC Banking Association was founded in 1998 with the objective of coordinating the activities of national associations of banks in the SADC region (Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe). The SADC Banking Association and IP3 co-deliver several online courses on Public-Private Partnerships modeling and development.


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SADC Banking Association


The SADC Banking Association, under financial support from The Banking Association South Africa and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), is pleased to offer, in cooperation with the Institute for Public-Private Partnerships (IP3), a series of intensive online professional training programs on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP's).

The overall goal of these programs is to provide organizations and institutions that are currently designing or implementing public-private partnership programs at the national, state, or municipal/local levels with a practical, hands-on, and results-oriented capacity building experience that will further their PPP planning, implementation, and management objectives. The current catalog offerings consist of two courses:

For complete information on each course, including objectives, module content, other relevant information, click on the course name above.

Participants in these courses will be responsible for completing weekly assignments, interacting via discussion boards and emails with fellow participants and course facilitators, and completing an action plan. The programs will be conducted entirely over the Internet- access can be made from any computer (at any time) with an Internet connection.

Join the hundreds of participants through the SADC region and all of Africa who have participated in these pioneering learning events.

Incentive Scholarship Fund

SADC Banking Association


The Banking Association South Africa, acting in its capacity as the Secretariat for the SADC Banking Association, and with funding provided by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), has awarded two five-year contracts to the Institute for Public-Private Partnerships (IP3) to design, develop, and implement on a serial basis two intensive skills-based online training programmes titled, PPP Skills and Competency Development and PPP Project Officers Management Skills Development.


To facilitate and encourage participation from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region the SADC Banking Association is offering an Incentive Scholarship Fund to cover partial tuition fees to qualified SADC nationals and individuals from SADC-based organizations.


2014 Tuition Prices and Discounts

Scholarship Percentage PPP Skills Programme: (Tuition base: US$850) Individual Pays this Amount: PPP Project Officers Programme (Tuition Base: US$450) Individual Pays this Amount: Who qualifies for this scholarship (SADC nationals and SADC-based organizations only) Description of required qualifications to receive scholarship
70% $255 $135 Candidate recommended from a bank holding a membership with the SADC Banking Association*
  • Candidate must be planning or working on an infrastructure or service-delivery PPP project
50% $425 $225 Candidate recommended from the Project Steering Committee (PSC) Member (i.e. Strategic Partner) of the SADC Banking Association**
  • Candidate must be planning or working on an infrastructure or service-delivery PPP project
40% $510 $270 SADC National, state, and local government officials
  • Interested in understanding and developing PPP models
  • Must be planning or working on an infrastructure or service delivery PPP project or a project on legal and regulatory frameworks
30% $595 $315 IP3 or WEDC alumni in related training
  • Received previous relevant PPP training from IP3 or WEDC
  • Seeking to become a Certified Public-Private Partnership Specialist2
15% $722 $382 Private sector individuals (managers, accountants, lawyer, bankers, proj. dev)
  • Interested in understanding and developing PPP models


* SADC Banking Association Members are Mozambique Bankers Association, Angolan Bankers Association, Mauritius Bankers Association, Namibia Bankers Association, Zambia Bankers Association, Tanzanian Bankers Association, Banking Association South Africa, Botswana Bankers Association, Malawi Bankers Association, Lesotho Bankers Association, Swaziland Bankers Association.


** Strategic partners of the SADC Banking Association on the PPP Project are: RSA National Treasury, PEEPA Botswana, National Construction Council Tanzania, Tanzania Investment Centre, Privatisation Commission Malawi, PPP Secretariat in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development Mauritius, and the SADC Secretariat.


Special Group Rate Offerings


If an organization located in the SADC region would like to conduct a special iteration of either the PPP Skills and Competency Development or the PPP Project Officers Management Skills Development online programmes solely for its staff/stakeholders, a group discount of up to 20% is available. 20 or more participants are required to participate.


Scholarship Application Process


The Scholarship application process requires two steps:

  • First, you must complete the actual programme registration form for the online programme you wish to attend by clicking on one of the online programme links below
  • Second, once you have registered for your desired programme, an email confirming your registration will be sent to you as well as a link to the Scholarship Application form, which you can complete online.


You must register for the online programme first before you are able to complete the Scholarship Application form. Scholarships are limited and therefore not all applicants will be successful. Individuals must complete the course requirements in full and acquire the qualification before claiming the scholarship. If the individual fails to complete the course requirements, he/she will be liable to IP3 for the balance of the tuition fees.


For more information or questions about eligibility requirements for the SADC Banking Association Incentive Scholarship Fund eligibility requirements, please contact Lisa Washington at IP3 at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .