Independent Power Generation in Africa: Part of the Solution?


Author: David Baxter

Overview: For any initiatives to be successful international supporters of any power initiatives need to be principally focused on supporting initiatives that encourage the development of homegrown domestic strategies that address structural, political, and economic constraints in a way that encourages African governments to be the primary drivers of their own fates.

Comments on the 2016 World Bank Report on the State of PPPs in EMDEs


Author: David Baxter

Overview: The investment-cooling period over the last two years has been followed more recently by renewed interest in investment PPP infrastructure projects that optimistically points to the possibility of a slight upward increase in investments in the next five years.

100 PPP Blog Posts Later – What have I learned?


Author: David Baxter

Overview: The lessons that I have learned continue to convince me that there are many more to learn and share within the community of PPP practitioners.