PPP Legal Agreements, Contract Compliance, Monitoring, and Implementation (May 15 - 26, 2017)

Course Offering:

Dates: May 15 - 26, 2017

Location: Washington, DC

Tuition: $5,500

Code: 2713-WA

CEUs: 6.0




Contracts and legal agreements are at the heart of any public-private partnership (PPP) transaction. With sound agreements, PPPs can achieve the objectives set forth by governments. With hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, it is imperative that time and money are well spent in designing good PPP contracts.

In this course offered by the Institute for Public-Private Partnerships, A Tetra Tech Company (IP3), participants will learn best practices in creating, negotiating, and implementing sound PPP contracts. Through the use of presentations, contract reviews, and simulation exercises, participants will deepen their understanding of the key elements of successful PPP contracts, how risks are effectively allocated, and how to develop negotiation skills. The course will also cover how to handle contract disputes.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Structuring agreements for PPP projects between public agencies and private investors.
  • Developing effective legal contracts within a regulatory framework.
  • Analyzing and drafting legal documents including implementation agreements, take-or-pay agreements, operating agreements, and essential financial agreements.
  • Identifying and implementing international best practices to improve negotiating position vis-a-vis international investors.
  • Reducing costs and delays in procurement and project development by using model contracts and effective negotiation strategies.
  • Creating a detailed, strategic legal agreement action plan.